What Does Vaping Mean?

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Welcome back to Vaping Zoom, today we will see what vaping means and more generally we will try to provide detailed answers to all those who approach this world for the first time and who do not yet know what to expect, but above all we will see if vaping is bad or not, also if it is better to vape or smoke and much more.

First of all, let’s try to take stock of the situation by answering this question; what does it mean to vape?

What does it mean to vape?

Vaping is nothing more than the English neologism with which we indicate the action of inhaling the liquid contained in an electronic cigarette, also commonly referred to as e-cig, pod or drag.

In order to be inhaled, the liquid that is inside an electronic cigarette is heated by an atomizer to the point of vaporising it so quickly as to give the sensation similar to that of smoking.

From this it is clear that the term vape is coined precisely by virtue of the fact that the liquid is vaporized, while it does not start a real combustion as in the case of traditional cigarettes for which the term smoking is used instead.

Is vaping bad for you?

At this point the first question that arises when reading the above is to know if vaping is bad or not.

The answer is not as obvious as it seems, just think that traditional cigarettes have existed practically since time immemorial, which is why sufficient studies have been conducted to accurately state the mortality of the latter.

As for electronic cigarettes, these arrived in Italy only around 2007, therefore not enough time to establish the degree of toxicity for human health, this is because studies on long-term side effects have not yet been conducted. .

As for the short-term side effects, it seems there are none in the vast majority of users, however there are cases of inflammation of the upper passages and bronchiolitis.

However, a negligible percentage compared to the vast majority of users who vape every day without any problem and which therefore lead us to affirm that these conditions can be referable to a congenital predisposition to these diseases.

What does it mean to vape without nicotine or with nicotine?

In any case, it is far from us to state that electronic cigarettes do not cause any harm to health, especially if nicotine-based liquids are present inside the atomizers.

We always remember nicotine, it is a chemical additive, a salt that creates addiction and therefore almost always leads to the addiction of those who use it.

Furthermore, we would like to remind you that nicotine is often the cause of diseases, among which the most important, diabetes and arterial hypertension with relative risks connected to both absolutely deadly pathologies.

Currently on the market there are liquids with and without nicotine, the preference essentially falls on what are your personal needs, for example if you want to quit smoking then it is advisable to vape with a medium-low nicotine content liquid to reduce the risks associated with smoking traditional cigarettes which are considered absolutely toxic.

If, on the other hand, you want to approach the world of vaping for the first time then a nicotine-free liquid is recommended, but be careful, recent studies state that starting to vape increases the risk of being able to start smoking, so be careful!

What is e-cigarette liquid made of?

At this point we try to understand what the liquid present in the ecig is made of where we have already understood, it may or may not be present nicotine among other substances.

Essentially, the liquid of an electronic cigarette is composed of more or less 30% propylene glycol, 70% of vegetable glycerol and finally, in a very small percentage, we find the aroma.

Propylene glycol to be clear is that chemical substance that is used on stages to generate smoke currently not considered lethal to health.

On the other hand, there are many doubts regarding their harmfulness to health, just think that there are at least 7,000 of them in the United States alone, therefore it becomes really difficult to be able to analyze them and thus be able to issue a verdict on their toxicity.

Currently, therefore, the aromas are not considered toxic in broad terms but doubts remain, however, be careful in case you have allergies.

At this point one wonders if vaping without nicotine is bad, the answer here too cannot be reliable precisely because of the doubts that revolve around the aromas of which the liquids are composed and on which more in-depth studies still need to be conducted.

Better to vape or smoke?

Many of you ask us if it is better to vape or smoke, the answer is very simple, if you are a smoker then vape is definitely the best solution for you, because you certainly reduce the risk of contracting more or less lethal diseases by at least 100 times.

Just think that in traditional cigarettes more than 70 harmful toxins have been found for health and generated above all by the combustion of tobacco and the paper around which it is wrapped, moreover the tar contributes considerably to increase the percentage of mortality and to contracting tumors.

Having said that, it is clear that vaping represents an alternative that allows the smoker to keep a habit that is often difficult to give up, this goes from the sensory to the physiological sphere, such as gestures, smells, the vision of smoke up to absorption. of nicotine itself by a body that now does not really want to do without it.

Vaping therefore greatly reduces the risks associated with health and therefore if we have to answer the question whether it is better to vape or smoke, we have no doubt about it, vape a hundred times as the hundred less risks for your health!

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