Let’s Dispel The Myth Of Water In The Lungs

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Welcome to Vaping Zoom, many believe that vaping leads to a buildup of water in the lungs, but is this really the case?

First of all, let’s try to see what the liquid inside the ecig is made of which, for those who do not know it yet, is composed of 50% propylene glycol, which is the classic smoke harmless to health that is used on stages at festivals, and for 40% from vegetable glycerol a substance which is also harmless to health, 10% of water, and finally from the aroma in a minimal part of which, however, the actual harmlessness has not yet been ascertained.

In fact, every liquid present in electronic cigarettes has a different aroma. Just think that in the United States alone there are at least 7,000 of them on the market, so it becomes difficult to detect their actual toxicity.

Minimal part of the liquid can also be composed of nicotine with related side effects, diabetes, hypertension, etc.

As we have seen, the percentage of water present in liquids is very low and serves to allow the vaporization of the liquid, a technique also used in medicine to bring drugs into the lungs in subjects suffering from lung diseases.

So does water remain in the lungs when vaping?

The answer is absolutely no, it is a propaganda launched by traditional cigarette brands to dent the growing following of the new ecigs.

In fact, the amount of water that remains in the lungs through the inhalation of the liquid from an ecig is so negligible as to allow the lungs to be able to dispose of it in a very short time.

Just think that even when we are taking a shower we are actually breathing steam and it seems that no one has ever died from this.

Furthermore, we must consider, among other things, that man consists of 60% of water, therefore we are talking about several liters of water, while the amount of water inhaled into the lungs through the vaporization of the liquid is equal to very few milliliters also considering that with a vial you vape a week, therefore perfectly manageable by our lungs without any problem.

More than this legend about water in the lungs hurts, we should be concerned about the aromas present in liquids whose toxicity is not yet known, we will talk about this topic in the next article, so we invite you to stay connected with us.

Nothing to do therefore for the bales thrown by the tobacco oligarchs who will have to find another to try to ruin a market that is increasingly growing also in our country.

This article on the myth of water in the lungs vaping ends here, if you found it interesting, share it with your friends via the social buttons you find below and let us know your opinion by commenting here at the bottom, see you soon and good continuation on Vaping Zoom .

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