Is vaping during pregnancy bad for the baby? What about breastfeeding?

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Is vaping during pregnancy really bad for you?

Welcome to Vaping Zoom to all our vape-loving friends, if you are here chances are you are a mother and you are about to have a beautiful baby or maybe you are the anxious father who cares, well whoever you are you are in the right place, in fact today you will find out if vaping while pregnant is bad for the baby or if it’s just a legend!

Can you vape during pregnancy?

Without too many words, let’s move on to the central question of today’s article trying to understand if vaping is bad for the fetus.

As you can well imagine, in the first months of gestation and up to its very birth, the baby is almost one hundred percent connected with the mother, making them one.

This means that the nutrients and even the oxygen necessary for the development of all the baby’s systems are absorbed through the blood by the mother.

Translated it means that when you are pregnant your little one will follow your identical diet, for this reason it is important to eat well, but what happens if you vape while pregnant?

In the same way with which the fetus receives nourishment as we said it absorbs oxygen and all the substances that the mother inhales thanks to the lungs.

Precisely for this reason the liquids contained inside the ecig can damage the little one, certainly not like normal cigarettes or the smog contained in the air we breathe when we go out in the city, however we could never say that electronic cigarettes are not dangerous for pregnant women.

Vaping without nicotine in pregnancy

At this point you may wonder if vaping without nicotine is bad for the baby, the answer is always yes, certainly the risks are significantly reduced since there is no nicotine but it is still dangerous to vape while pregnant for the fetus.

The only alternative is to put your heart in peace and not think about it, when you have a pregnancy everything related to what we usually do and what we like fails, only the little one counts. better especially in the first years of life when he cannot guarantee himself his main needs, including health.

Vaping in pregnancy what science says

Electronic cigarettes are today a relatively recent invention if compared to traditional cigarettes for which it took several decades to study the effects that the latter have on human health.

Having said that, since the ecig is a product that arrived in Italy around 2010, the studies carried out on these objects are very few and science is not yet able to give an answer to the question whether smoking ecig is bad for a pregnant woman, much less for many other questions.

However, you don’t have to be a scientist to come to understand that anything artificially and chemically created can harm your own health and that of your child if repeated over time.

Vaping while breastfeeding is bad for the newborn

The subject of breastfeeding is linked to the topic of pregnancy but here there is a solution, let’s try to take stock once again.

Through breastfeeding, the baby absorbs all the nutrients that allow it to grow, the milk contained in the mother’s breast in turn is the product of her nutrition but not only that, this is also found in the blood and partially ends up in the mother’s milk.

Therefore it is easy to understand that vaping is as bad in breastfeeding as in pregnancy, however in this thing it will not be necessary to stop smoking while breastfeeding, this is because in the pharmacy there is milk made on purpose for newborns.

So you can continue to vape but without giving your milk to the baby.

However, we would like to give you some advice, it is always preferable to give natural milk to the baby because it is more substantial and natural, moreover not to breastfeed the baby from your breast could cause you consequences, irritation, swelling and pain in the breast, moreover the milk inside that automatically dries when it is no longer given to the baby could lead to complications, so in this case our advice is to contact your doctor if you want to stop breastfeeding.


Smoking e-cigarettes during pregnancy and breastfeeding hurts the little one in the same way, there is nothing else to say, the ideal would be to quit smoking before becoming pregnant, thus arriving prepared and much more relaxed.

To stop vaping during pregnancy, avoid patches, gums or anything that contains nicotine, because as mentioned it will all be absorbed by the baby through the blood and this could lead to serious somato-functional consequences.

We thank you for reading this article, we hope you understand that vaping during pregnancy is bad for the baby and you can stop for his good, share the article if you found it interesting through the social buttons you find below and let us know yours opinion by commenting here at the bottom, see you soon and good continuation on our site!

Vaping Zoom, The Editorial Staff


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