How Many Watts To Vape With Cheek And Lung

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Welcome to Vaping Zoom, today we will answer another of your most frequently asked questions, and you will find out how many watts to vape with the cheek and how many watts to vape with the lung to get maximum satisfaction from your device.

Very often when we buy an electronic cigarette we do not take very important factors into consideration and we choose our ecig based on characteristics that are much more superficial than what our attention should go to.

For example, we have probably fallen in love at first sight with an electronic cigarette because of its aesthetics, generally the smaller pods are very beautiful and attractive also because they are partly reminiscent of traditional cigarettes, but very often we underestimate that small pods do not generate enough watts to vaporize our liquid well also based on the way we vape.

Cheek vape and lung vape, Watts needed, the answer!

More specifically, we can distinguish two ways to vape, the cheek vape and the lung vape, but what is the difference between the two, and at how many watts do we get the greatest vaping satisfaction?

Essentially with the cheek vape we mean the way in which the vapor that remains in the mouth is inhaled, making a small pause before entering the lungs.

By vape of the lungs instead we mean the practice with which we inhale the vapor of our ecig directly with the lungs exactly as if we were breathing and therefore without retaining it in our mouth.

The watts needed for the cheek vape range from 15 to 30, at least according to our tests, while for the lung vape the watts needed go up from 80 to 180.

And you? What do you prefer? Vaping with cheek or lung?

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