Electronic Cigarette VS IQOS

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Welcome to Vaping Zoom, today we will see a clash and more specifically the electronic cigarette vs IQOS, which hurts the most? Which is convenient to smoke between electronic cigarette and IQOS? Let’s see together the pros and cons of these two new valid alternatives to traditional cigarettes.

Electronic cigarette against IQOS

What is IQOS

Today Iqos represents an alternative to traditional smoking, the basic difference between the latter and the former lies in the way in which the smoke is generated.

The IQOS are HnB (Heat Not Burn) devices, they use a technology that allows you to generate smoke by heating the tobacco to a temperature of 350 ° and therefore without burning it to 900 ° as occurs in normal traditional cigarettes.

Unlike the latter, therefore, in the IQOS there is no real combustion as a sufficient temperature is not reached that can allow the tobacco to be burned which, as we have already talked about in previous articles, generates over 70 carcinogenic and harmful substances for health, especially in long to go.

The IQOS therefore drastically reduce health risks thanks to the absence of combustion, however they are not without risks, because it has been shown that even just heating the tobacco releases harmful substances, albeit to a much lesser extent.

At this point you wonder yourself if it hurts more to smoke electronic cigarettes or IQOS.

Difference e-cigarettes and IQOS

Electronic cigarette vs IQOS

Electronic cigarettes are very different to IQOS, this is because they take advantage of a totally different technology at the base of which there is no longer tobacco, the latter still decisive for IQOS.

E-cigarettes heat a liquid made up of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, sometimes containing nicotine, through a component called an atomizer.

Precisely for this reason the term “vaping” was coined, that is the act of inhaling the steam, which cannot be defined as smoking even if this term is used incorrectly in jargon.

The IQOS, on the other hand, are electrical devices inside which special tobacco cigarettes are inserted which are heated producing smoke.

Pros and Cons of electronic cigarettes

As for the PROs of electronic cigarettes, there is one evidence that should be emphasized, the possibility of increasing or decreasing nicotine according to your needs.

The electronic cigarette is certainly less harmful than any other inhalation tool that is IQOS or traditional cigarette.

With an ecig you can also choose the taste of the liquid and change the one you like best from time to time, and you can also adjust the power to better adapt to your level.

Another fundamental thing that must be emphasized among the strengths of the ecig is that they are very cheap and with a liquid of 5 euros you could even make it a week.

Finally, I would say the possibility of choosing the device that best suits your tastes and needs, in fact there are many vaping brands that sell ecig, and there are different shapes, colors and sizes even trendy and cool.

Among the CONS of electronic cigarettes we find instead the maintenance of the devices, many times it happens that the liquid comes out, or ends up in the mouth creating a slight discomfort, moreover it is necessary to often change the resistance that allows the vaporization of the liquid.

Pros and Cons of IQOS

As for the PROs of the IQOS the first thing that comes to mind is clearly the fact that for a smoker who comes from normal cigarettes the IQOS are much closer to the traditional smoking experience as we have the presence of real tobacco and own.

In the IQOS we have little maintenance, just load the device insert the cigarette and you can already smoke as much as you want.

Furthermore, the IQOS are small, light, colorful, easy to carry, all things that can clearly contribute to the choice of this type of device.

Furthermore, this type of devices being made from real tobacco, they feel much more in the throat and lungs like real cigarettes.

We come therefore to the CONS of IQOS the new brand of heated tobacco cigarettes, among which we highlight a greater danger to health and greater exposure to contracting respiratory diseases linked to toxins developed by tobacco.

Compared to electronic cigarettes with IQOS you will continue to have bad breath, and clothes that smell of tobacco.

Finally, the IQOS are much more expensive than the liquid of the e-cigarettes, which translates into less money in the wallet at the end of the month.

Does electronic cigarette, IQOS or traditional cigarettes hurt more?

Based on what you have read so far, it is likely that you yourself may come to the conclusion of what is more dangerous between ecig, IQOS and traditional cigarettes.

In any case, if we had to draw up a hierarchical scale in the first place by level of danger there are traditional cigarettes with a record of over 70 carcinogenic substances generated by the combustion of tobacco, in second place we find the IQOS which considerably reduce the risks but continue to harm seriously to health, in third and last place we find electronic cigarettes, which are not absolutely free from health risks, indeed there are episodes of respiratory crisis and asthma especially among the youngest, but it is undoubtedly the ecigs to be the less dangerous with a degree of danger around 5% compared to a traditional cigarette.


At this point it is clear that if you are a smoker you should switch to the electronic cigarette to reduce the health risks, if instead you have never smoked and were just curious to see which inhalation tool was that generates less damage or even none then expensive. friends our advice is never to start.

Also because it has been shown that starting to vape with an electronic cigarette during adolescence increases the risk of starting to smoke traditional cigarettes by 3 times, stop immediately or never start!

Thank you for reading this article on the difference between electronic cigarettes vs IQOS, comment below what you think and share the article via the social buttons below, see you soon and good continuation on our site.

Vaping Zoom, The Editorial Staff


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