Aspire Vilter Pro, Review and Opinions

Welcome to Vaping Zoom, today we will talk about the new Aspire Vilter Pro, one of the ecigs that has revolutionized the world of vaping in recent months and we will soon find out why thanks to this review article entirely dedicated to the new Aspire electronic cigarette.

Before moving on to the actual review on the new Vilter Pro, we want to give space to this brand of electronic cigarettes that has conquered not only the Italian market but also the international one.

Who is Aspire

Aspire is a Chinese company like the vast majority of electronic cigarette brands that dominate the national and international market.

In fact, it is well known that China dominates the technological market and now not only for the supply of conventional electronic products, since since 2008 the electronic cigarettes invented right here are also increasingly exported all over the world.

Among the many brands on the market, Aspire is the promoter of this anti-smoking campaign in favor of vaping, in fact its motto is, “Innovative brand for a better future”.

The company was founded in 2010, but only in 2013 took the current name of Aspire.

In 2015 it launched its first products with atomizer and heated liquid, since then the company has grown not only from an economic point of view but also from a technological point of view.

His experience has allowed him to create products that address the needs of a vast market segment, from novice consumers to PRO vapers.

The Launch of the new Aspire Vilter PRO

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The new Aspire Vilter Pro was launched in June 2022 and was an immediate success, thanks to the features that we will see shortly and that have allowed it to reach the approval of the vast majority of Aspire users.

An even more recent device is expected to be released soon and on which we will keep you informed with a new review, now let’s immediately take a look at the features of the new Vilter Pro.

  • Aspire Vilter Pro Technical Data Sheet
  • Hassle-free magnetic wireless charging, 2 charging ways
  • 1600 mAh battery plus 420 mAh for 5 days of vaping
  • 2A Type-C charging, fully charged in 50 minutes
  • Authentic drip tip with filter for a cigar-like experience
  • 5 trendy colors: gold and hunter green, gunmetal and brown, black and gray, space gray and red
  • Constant output 3.4V
  • 3-level indicator light
  • Easy side filling
  • More information:

Opinions Vilter Pro Aspire

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Personally, I had the opportunity to test the new Aspire Vilter Pro, the feeling when opening the box was to hold a premium and technological device in your hand.

Already from the appearance it is possible to deduce its qualities, in fact the ecig is very fine and elegant, decidedly different compared to low quality ecig, the materials seem very resistant and compact and the possibility of magnetic charging via a dockstation is truly a gem I was not used to.

Now we come to the most important part, namely the vape.

The new Vilter Pro is silent, vaping it makes much less noise than the competition’s ecigs, it also has a good capacity and vape is pleasant.

The liquid does not come out like in cheap ecigs.

Definitely to be considered for the purchase!

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