Argus GT II 2 Kit, The Review

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Welcome to all dear friends of Vaping Zoom, today we have made the review of one of the most interesting products in the world VooPoo Tech, and we are talking about the new Argus GT 2 ii, the new masterpiece created by the VooPoo brand that takes the place of the previous version and opens the doors to a new world for all Vapers Pro, the release date is April 2022, let’s see together the technical data sheet and what the kit includes.

Argus GT II 2, technical sheet

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  • Stable output at maximum power of 200W
  • Degree of protection IP68 Tri-proof
  • Unique volcano crater design
  • GENE TT 2.0 chip
  • 3A type-C charging
  • Turbo mode

Taking a look at the technical characteristics we cannot fail to notice the incredible power that this device is able to develop with its new generation atomizer, in fact it is able to reach up to 200W, a power to which only a few ecigs are able to arrive, clearly top of the range.

Another feature worthy of mention is instead the body of the new Argus GT II 2, almost entirely in aluminum with an ergonomic leather handle, it is almost indestructible, in fact it is resistant to temperatures up to minus 20 degrees and up to plus 50, and resistant to bumps, falls, maybe everything!

It is a real indestructible tank designed to last for a long time and greatly improve the vaping experience of end users.

There are many videos that run on the net to demonstrate his resistance I will show you one below so that you too can realize what we are talking about.

What the VooPoo Tech Argus GT II 2 box kit includes

First of all you will find the new Argus GT II 2 by VooPoo Tech in an all metal box, a box on which the name of the device is engraved, once opened inside the box you will find the entire Argus GT 2 Kit which consists of:

  • Argus GT body 2
  • Atomizer
  • A 0.2 Ω resistor that reaches up to 55/60 Watts of average power
  • A 0.15 Ω resistor that reaches up to 100 Watts of average power and 200W maximum power
  • Power cord
  • Instructions manual

In short, a fairly well-stocked kit through which you will find all the essentials, not only to start using it but also after a few months when the old resistance is no longer good, you will still have a spare, even if not of the same power.

Our opinions on the Argus GT ii 2

corrado firera, vaping zoom, argus gt 2, argus review, voopoo tech, kit, box
corrado firera, vaping zoom, argus gt 2, argus review, voopoo tech, kit, box

In our opinion, the new Argus has significantly improved compared to the previous version not only from a technical point of view but also from an aesthetic point of view, in fact the new ecig is more rounded on the sides, it is more robust, it is bigger, it is more beautiful, a true masterpiece for all vaping lovers who certainly cannot be given up.

That’s all for today, we hope we have been quite comprehensive with this Argus GT II 2 review, if you have any questions let us know by commenting below, also share the article with your friends via the social buttons found here at the bottom, see you soon and good continuation on Vaping Zoom.

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