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© VAPING ZOOM is a website blog created to advise our readers in choosing their ecig. Our main goal is to provide a guide on everything related to the world of vaping, we also take care of reviewing pods and drags of all kinds.

VapingZoom.com was founded in 2022 by Corrado Firera, a young Italian blogger, an expert not only in the creation of successful websites but also a vape enthusiast and more generally in the world of vaping.

In particular, our site is a portal that offers itself to be a means of information for everything related to vaping which not only concerns electronic cigarettes but also everything connected to them thus bringing newbies to know a world of which is good to be informed and on which to stay constantly updated.

To date, the website despite being very young has several and ambitious goals that we hope to be able to achieve with the approval of our readers within a few years.

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